Litecoin’s Charlie Lee Joins Warren Buffett’s Crypto Power Lunch with Justin Sun


By CCN Markets: Tron CEO Justin Sun will be accompanied by Litecoin creator Charlie Lee on his $4.6 million crypto power lunch with billionaire bitcoin skeptic Warren Buffett.

Sun revealed on Twitter that he’s thrilled to invite his “good friend Charlie” as his first guest at his July 25 lunch with Buffett. Sun says he’ll announce other friends who will join him soon.

Crypto Twitter Approves of Justin’s Lunch Companion

Sun was barraged with kudos on his selection. Many agree that the affable Lee is an excellent choice of crypto ambassador on this epic lunch.

Twitter user “Tommy Mustache” reacted by posting a hilarious meme showing Buffett thinking to himself: “Bitcoin is only risky to those who don’t understand it.”

It’s a joking reference to the notorious bitcoin hater’s wholesale dismissal of crypto as “rat poison squared” and worthless gambling.

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