Max Keiser thinks Facebook’s Globalcoin will destroy XRP and altcoins


Facebook’s latest development in cryptosphere has been labelled many things. Some believe it is a Bitcoin killer, while others think that it will make George Orwell’s “1984” seem real.

However, this prediction amongst all those stands out. Max Keiser has been involved with the Hollywood Stock Exchange for a long while. He has had ample experience in the financial field. However, Max now believes that this currency of Facebook’s will act as an “XRP-Killer”

Read his tweet below. I wouldn’t call this a perfect analysis:

This feels apter than what Max has stated. Keiser had earlier said that the price of BTC will reach $1,00,000 at one point of time. The death of altcoins, according to him, will drive the value of BTC up. This is because BTC “competes with gold, not fiat”

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t care about the privacy of millions of users around the globe. This new venture of Facebook will rake in thousands more, and help make Mark’s wallet grow fatter.

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